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“Because the tutoring sessions occurred over FaceTime, I was able to hear some of their interactions.  Jim is keenly focused on what motivates kids and he asks them interesting questions about themselves to get to know them better.

Several weeks after my son Charlie started working with Jim, Charlie started talking about himself and how he thinks about things and what motivates him in a way that I’ve never seen him talk before.

Charlie knows that Jim cares about him a lot and that makes him feel good and builds trust. Jim’s authenticity, intelligence and creative approach to working with teenagers is unmatched in my experience.”

“Tutoring with Skyler is great!  We’ve nearly mastered the grammar rules and I actually look forward to tutoring each week :)”

"Declan and Skyler are great - super sweet.  She likes them, and that's all that really matters."

“The difference between Jim and all the other tutors we have used is that he really cared about how well the girls did on the test. It made a big impact with the girls knowing that it mattered to him. He is the best at this and we feel so grateful."

“Marc’s been hugely helpful and we could not have gotten here without him.”

“Gabe’s warm presence always made me feel eager to learn. He encouraged me every step of the way and truly taught me how to believe in myself.”

“Jim taught me that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback, and I have since carried that with me wherever I go.  I still read his motivational messages when I am feeling down. I am especially grateful for his teaching me breathing exercises to help tackle my testtaking anxiety.”

“Carina has been great.  Kyra loves her.”

"Yeji has been a perfect 10. This is no mere tutor but a role model for young people. Her demeanor and work ethic are standards to which children (and sometimes parents) can aspire. Very satisfied."

“It’s going well!  Something certainly helped the grades. I give Anna a lot of credit. Something has clicked in and certainly helped my son's grades.  And she has gone out of her way many a time to accommodate him.”

"I really can't say enough about our daughter's experience working with Jim.  He is a rare tutor who really cares about his students.  He is always so intuitive about what is working or not working for the student and caters his lessons to their needs.  Jim keeps trying every approach until he finds the one that works for them.  He is truly rare and our daughter is so fortunate to have worked with him."

"We can’t tell you how excited Hazel is tonight—or how grateful we are for all the help Jim gave her. Thank you so much. He really is a wonder."

"Jim is the the only tutor so far that has been able to outwit her and not give in to her BS tactics. She told me that she's not sure how to handle him yet. She said that he won't let her get away with stuff. Other tutors she will just give the wrong answer until they tell her the correct answer. He makes her do the work and she said, 'I don't know what I'm going to do!

I love it!!! And she likes him a lot! She would be putting up a MAJOR fight if she didn't like him. And she's going with it. You should be complimented. Keep doing what you're doing."

"Samara has been amazing.”

"Sean came into my room beaming and read me what you wrote him.  I showed my Dad.  He said, "This is beautiful.  This is the way to motivate a person - with encouragement and love.  Jim really gets how to tutor this kid."

"Thought you'd like this text from my daughter: 'My ACT tutor is the best!!  Thank you so much!!  He is super supportive and makes me believe that I can actually do well!!!  He also makes me stress way less about college.'  Thank you!!!!!"

“Carina is amazing.”

"Out of all the SAT tutors that I had over a 2-year period (all from various Ivy League schools), Jim was undoubtedly the best at explaining difficult concepts in the simplest terms. He was also the most patient and encouraging. Jim consistently went above and beyond to ensure that my questions get resolved. I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have had Jim as my tutor. I would highly recommend Jim!"

"With Albert it was always a good learning environment and enjoyable."

"With Jim, Landon practiced over and over. And he came out telling me he learned more in the process with Jim than in any course at Brooks."

“Shelby has a different confidence this year, like that she can just handle things.  Working with Jim helped her a lot.”

“Thank you so much for everything.  Yeji has been so helpful throughout this whole process.  I definitely would not be where I am without her.”

“Jim, I just want to say thank you.  At my advisor dinner tonight, we talked about the biggest origin of my self criticism.  I have noticed this problem for a long time (since the beginning of junior year) - but I didn’t have the courage to deliberately address it.  Today you made me face this fear. At least I did the first step today - owning it. Now it is time for the change. You broke me out of that cycle.”

“Jim pushed me to stretch out of my limiting beliefs in such a soothing yet strong way.  Amazing listener and great accountability tactics.”

"Samara's manner is encouraging and helps build confidence. She's thorough, friendly and encouraging - and easy and pleasant to work with.  Growth Wise overall inspires confidence and are encouraging. The written materials are also excellent."

"Marc's a really nice guy and was interesting to talk to. Both he and Samara have helped me exponentially with the SAT as well as other subjects I struggle with in school."

"Yeji’s personality and commitment are a joy to behold."

“Hey Jim, I really wanted to just thank you for all the help that you’ve given me for the SAT - and about my life.  Our classes were always about the SAT but from all these breathing techniques, life outlooks, and stories about people who have improved their lives with an outlook. I’ve been able to improve not just my score in the SAT but also myself. I really appreciate this new form that you have molded teaching into.”

“So grateful that Jim connected with Amman today. He didn’t say much after his session with you, just, ‘I really needed that.’  He sounded so different.”

“Samita just called me and couldn’t stop raving about Jim. She is very grateful that he was able to get through to her son and understand him!”

“I was just about to tell you - I scored a 36 in Science!  I really focused on the breathing techniques and they worked!!!  I’m so pumped!!”

"Marc had a great way of communicating with my son."

“Jim telling her to ‘command and demand’ her best focus from within herself - I think that’s just ringing in her head.”

“Levi LOVED working with Jim. He was like, ‘he’s awesome!’”

“Jim, thank you for that amazing message to Amman about ‘Command and Demand’...  He achieved his highest score on the Calculator Math Section on Monday that he’s ever gotten…  The simple change of attitude!!!”

"Samara was excellent in every way:  her flexibility, ability to relate well with my son and reporting and tracking what they worked on."

"Thank you so so soooo much!!  It was the most helpful and beneficial tutoring session I've ever had!!! (and I've had a lot haha).  My parents were shocked and sooo pleased at how happy and relieved I felt after. It was a game changer!"