Testtaking Anxiety

Be it a championship game, a speech in front of the school, or an SAT or ACT exam that feels as if your entire college and career are depending on it -- the "big" events of teenage life can produce extreme and debilitating anxiety. 

Growth Wise specializes in assuaging these kinds of fears and helps open up our students’ mindset so that they are primed to succeed. Results can be seen in just a single session. 

Using mindfulness, breathing techniques, and mindset-shifting journal exercises, Growth Wise tutors provide sessions that leave students remarkably relaxed, confident, and ultimately successful in whatever event they want to prepare for. 

As one student recently reflected before acing her ACT exam the following weekend, "Thank you so so soooo much!! It was the most helpful and beneficial tutoring session I've ever had!!! My parents were shocked and sooo pleased at how happy and relieved I felt after. It was a game changer!"

Benefits of Peak Performance Mindset Training:

Reduce stress and anxiety levels

Understand how to effectively use mindfulness

Score better on exams

Boost your confidence

Achieve your goals