College Essay Help

College essays are hard. That’s why it’s important to get the college essay help you need.

What can be written in 650 words that enables a college to get to know, let alone like and want to accept, a student?

Brainstorming -- digging into the parts of a student’s history that will truly come alive on the page and show the student in the best light possible - leaving the student on their own to write the essay’s next draft - coming back together to analyze which parts are working, which ones need to be cut, which ones need to be brought to life more with further explanation - these are the steps of Growth Wise college essay tutoring, all done while preserving the student’s unique voice.

Together, Growth Wise tutors and their students craft essays that students love and that feel true to them. Universities today are seeking the authenticity, self-awareness, and expressive skill that Growth Wise college essays feature.

Benefits of College Essay Help:

  • Better understand how to write with vibrance and authenticity
  • Learn to organize writing more effectively
  • Deeper self-awareness and confidence through the introspection that excellent college essays require
  • Increased chances of gaining acceptance to the schools of your dreams